Why do i like vore

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Why do some people like Vore? What Kind of Vore do you like, if not do you find it gross? Soft Vore. Hard Vore. I like it casually. I dislike it but I can understand it. I dislike and find it abhorrent. I didn't know what vore was. are only viewable after voting. CyberMark Active Member.

I have investigated a bit a bout Vore culture trying to understand it from an outsiders perspective. I have had some conversation with people who like even though I personally find it gross, but its just such an interesting topic psychologically wise. Here is what I have gathered: People with vore fetish seem to refer each other to prey The one eaten or predator The one who eats the other , which is seems to be a submissive and domination dynamic usually the prey being the submissive one and the predator the dominant one, though while the only examples I have seen are like that, I don't think the roles of "dom" or "sub" can be switched between "pred" and "prey".

Some people find It alluring to be part of another being, adding to it or just the fact that they are helpless, again playing into the powerplay dynamic and as some have said "fear play". There are different kinds of vore and not all vore is equal. Some people enjoy "soft vore" which doesn't have the implications of death and via digestion, otherwise the vore is often referred as "hard vore" wich may include but is not exclusive to, scat, digestion, gore biting the victim or x-ray digestion.

That is what I have gathered so far as an outsider, though it really intrigues me and would like know more about it. If anyone is open enough to talk about their experience into vore please do so, I would love to know what is that makes it appealing to you personally, and maybe how did you find out, maybe if you can recall anything in your childhood that might have triggered this fascination would be really interesting to know, for example maybe in some kid show a character ate another or there was an inside view of a mouth etc..

Please don't bash people who share their stories if you dislike vore, the point of this thread is to open up discussion about the fetish and try to understand it a bit better for those who don't enjoy it or understand it and to inform. ZeroVoidTime Guest. Not to make a witty observation or be against non-illegal kink but You know this is a furry forum when everyday a vore or kink based thread pops up on the forum.

Edit: Just want to edit time frame accuracy Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, Wulf the Jackal Just a cutie. Those, who don't enjoy it are fresh to this fandom :v. Vamux Anarcho-Punk Derg. As someone who has written about Macro related vore before in his stories, I can tell you one thing: You should stop looking into it.

It's a slippery slope that le into the development of a new kink, one you never wanted before but you got anyways, kind of like how you get a pair of socks and a stupid shirt for Christmas instead of the Superman action figure you wouldn't shut up about to your parents, gee thanks a lot Dad. Anyways, take my experience for example. I didn't enjoy it at all when I first identified myself with the furry community! But then the Furry Devil himself jumped up on a hickory stump and said "Boy, lemme tell ya' what", and one thing led to another and now I enjoy Macro related vore.

I also might not have a soul anymore, but really what furry does? It's kind of how we got here in the first place. Vamux said:. DepressionMachine said:. Sounds like furries is only about vore, macro, and other fetishes If you don't - then what are you doing here?

I like vore and especially hard vore, but believe it or not despite my title, I used to intentionally try to avoid it as I thought it was too weird. Hanging out with some very sex positive people got me to let myself enjoy it. I find theres a lot of different appeals, but as I like hard vore, I feel like an appeal that people don't really focus on is the romantic aspect of it. You're literally giving your life for the enjoyment of your lover. You're giving your whole self to them. It's such a bittersweet and lovely dovey thought, and it comes with a lot of mixed feelings and strong emotions.

Just having that powerful a mix of feelings in itself is appealing. It also fits into a more extreme form of sadomasochism. Vore also just fits really well in the furry fandom since animals well, eat each other. Edit: As for what caused it, well, I blame that one scene in Men in Black 2 for me.

Last edited: Jul 20, CostaRic said:. It isn't only about fetishes, please no bashing and try to keep on topic. Vore is for those, who like it, obviously. No need to ask anybody more about vore, if you hate it. Battlechili said:. Perfectly valid, sometimes not even oneself can describe what you find appealing of something you just do. Balskarr The Lurking Hooman. The option for me on this thread even included the word I'd use for it. I do in fact find it abhorrent and especially struggle to see the attraction to it or the way it can bring any amount of satisfaction.

Dragoneer Site Developer Staff member. Site Director. I love it. Catdog I caused a little stir. Arnak Off the bench. I like vore where the prey can leave a bulge. No digestion, just close to the preds heart all warm and comfy.

Big bellies are hella nice. Guess that's why I like Zuel so much. MadKiyo Imma bat in yer rafters. I get the whole sub-dom dynamic with people who like it, but the grossness gets to me. Ignoring my preference for more realistic scenarios, it's mainly the sliminess and the all the other things involved Realizing I'm the only person that voted hard vore and thats Now i want to be vored xD. It's okay, you're not alone.

I enjoy a little bit of hard vore myself. Still hard vore though, right? Kind of wish I understood why in Hell I let my brain do this to me. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Why do i like vore

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