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Family and other relationships. Husband messaging other women. Green dot on pof partners profile? Seriously depressed and heartbroken. What to do if you don't love your Husband anymore? Husband watching porn destroying me as a wife. My husband has lost interest in sex. Caught my husband watching porn!! Kim B My husband has been spending more time on his phone recently and seemed to be getting lo more messages then usual.

I took photos of all these messages. I set up a fake pof and started messaging him and of course the same thing, general chat followed by messages that are sexually explicit. Anyone been through this? See last answer. Bad ature. Mel W I wpuld confront him. With large photos of the conversations printed out. Search for a thread. In answer to Mel W Family and other relationships Husband messaging other women. Family and other relationships partner chatting on kiss chat am so angry. Family and other relationships Green dot on pof partners profile?

Tracyann M 4. But Defo have the evidence at the ready! Good luck xxx. Julie R I'd meet him as an intended new girlfriend then watch him squirm when he sees it's his loyal partner and baby. In answer to Julie R Buy now. Gently cleanses skin and exfoliates, too Buy now. Emma E Definitely meet him!! Sent from my iPhone using Netmums. Claire M How could you just leave this? It will never surprise me how many woman put up with terrible partners. I have no idea why either. Carrie A Kim, save yourself the misery and future trust issues you will have by living with him.

Take your baby and leave him. Family and other relationships Seriously depressed and heartbroken. Family and other relationships What to do if you don't love your Husband anymore? Laura J If you dip youre toes in the water-youre gony get wet Can't find your answer? Samantha W Please do something, don't just live with it.

Both my ex husbands did this. I tolerated it for a of years both times other controlling factors from them too before I left, and it took a long time to recover from. Kate P You say you are not sure if he has met with anyone yet, I would have to arrange yourself to meet him. If he is up for it and goes along with it, you have your answer for sure.

In my opinion he is already cheating, messaging other women and of a sexual nature. You deserve more than this, I am sure if the tables were turned he would be livid. In answer to Kate P Family and other relationships Husband watching porn destroying me as a wife.

Family and other relationships My husband has lost interest in sex. Family and other relationships Caught my husband watching porn!! Sasha F My husband is doing the same. The thing is it happened years ago and now he's done it again. I don't know if it ever stopped or he got better at hiding it. I'm so hurt but passed in the sense of unforgiving and can't trust him at all. He says it was stupid and doesn't get anything out of it so why did he continue to.

I just don't know what to do as I thought things were great we have moved etc but now it's a financial decision whether he stays or not. Hi Sasha, You know you will manage on your own financially? Or do you not think you will? OR indent? OR Evap line? Help See chat rules.

Pof kik uk

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