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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews 8. Aug 5, 49, Overview: Academy of Fetishes is a text-based game you can play in the browser or on your computer. You are the principal of Saint Mary's, a financially ruined all-female college. Fortunately, an anonymous benefactor offers to keep the school afloat so long as the students and teachers perform lewd acts.

When you start, the students and teachers are reluctant. But the longer you play, the more they break out of their shell and show you how twisted and perverted they really are. Spoiler: More You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Download: You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: hrhr , augiedt , Saya42 and others. Humlebien Active Member Donor. Nov 15, As a long fan of Ashford, I'm all for it.

I like me some lewd pictures. So to those out there with the skills Reactions: znml , Whora , BungeeLove and 8 others. Jun 1, Or are you referring to a college? I agree re: the pictures. I'm going to invest as much as I can to add art to the game. I don't plan to take a profit from my patreon for a long time. I want to put it all back into artwork. Reactions: Balub. Oiz I am not Bloo, cause Bloo is a cunt Modder. Aug 5, 1, 4, AcademyOfFetishesGame said:. Reactions: cgleco. Oiz said:. You must be registered to see the links.

Mar 11, Yeah, unfortunately it's the same for me Pics, or it didn't happen. Reactions: mathias. Reactions: daedilus. Aug 6, 3, Edited browser link as requested by dev. DragonWrath Active Member Donor. Jun 17, I can empathize FWIW, my game will have a lot more artwork in the future. Reactions: Howdo , laughingllamas , kkai and 4 others. Wow, DragonWrath that was incredibly sweet to say! I really appreciate it! For what it's worth, art isn't going to slow me down much at all. I am not an artist so I'll commission the work. I don't have to take much time away from my writing to do it, just need to describe the picture I want.

How much time did it take to get through it? There are many different paths you can take, BTW. The major forks depend on which transfer students you get. Also, there's many different paths in the sensory deprivation scenes and you can't do all of them in one play through. I'm thinking about writing a guide. For what it's worth, the game is downloadable, but it's a pledge reward on my patreon.

ChippyP Newbie. Aug 24, 84 It would be nice to have multiple save slots, not sure why you chose to only have one, but all it really ends up being is an inconvenience. Other than that, and a few minor typos, nothing to really fault here. One of the better written text based games, with clear progression, and a healthy amount of interaction between events if you know what order to do them in.

Good job overall, definitely a game I'll keep my eyes on. Apollyonx Newbie. Aug 5, 21 This is nice DragonWrath said:. I personally don't care for ladyboys? I think they are called I believe that the Principal and I think quite similarly, especially in the incest paths penedeyewink:. Tomorrow, I will be playing it again and I will explore the paths I didn't take, including not choosing any of the forking choices.

Makes it feel like a choose your own adventure type thing in where what you chose actually HAS a legitimate effect on what can happen found a few others like that. On one hand I dislike that I can't see all the branching content such as the night at the dorm options in one path, but if that was the case then it wouldn't be unique and it would be a lot like most of the self-proclaimed "choose your own path" stuff.

Ah, well in that case, I'm really hoping I have extra funds next month for sure! This game would definitely go into a "favorites" folder once I finally make one. I'm definitely looking forward to your next content update Speaking of, do you have an update schedule you're aiming for or is it free-form "it's done when it's done" approach? Reactions: DragonWrath. ChippyP said:. Apollyonx said:. So in porn, they're referred to as Shemales, Ladyboys, transsexuals, and all sorts of other terms. But I think this is generally considered an offensive term by the community.

I asked around and was told that "trans girl" is a safe term so that's what I use in my game. I was using "futa" and "futanari" before but a lot of people informed me that was technically incorrect as the trans girls have no vaginas. There is a scene where a trans girl has sex with a student.

I assume you're not into trans girls being fucked though. I don't have a scene like that, but close: There's tongue and finger insertion. Actually, something that most wouldn't be into that I also have: Sounding a transsexual. All of this is optional, though. I'm really glad you liked them. Those are very recent scenes so I wasn't sure if they'd be good. I'm always conflicted about your concern.

I get a lot of people saying they want their choices to matter. I interpret this as, "You can either do X or Y, but not both. I think I'll have a mixture of both in my game. Great to hear! I want to have a unique outcome depending on which story you choose first instead of just for the art class. Here's why I haven't done it already: 1 It's hard to think of stuff to get from the other classes that could be used in the next class!

But, more of this type of thing is in the back of my mind. For me it's more of a "it's done when it's done" approach, but I try to release every 2 weeks. I would have released about every 2 weeks last month but I gave a poll and the majority wanted me to finish all of sensory deprivation before I released it.

Why do you ask? I have been thinking about making early, work in progress access to the game as a pledge reward. This would be almost nightly updates. Not sure if that's appealing to anyone, but it would give people the ability to comment on the current direction and maybe even change it if they think of something I like. That's good feedback. The reason there's only one is because it was so much easier than Nothing more to it than that.

But, here's the thing: It's so much easier to give you 2 than to give you 9. Would 2 slots be a lot better than 1 slot? I could do that in the next release. I hope what I just said makes sense. Here's why it works that way: I'm using twine and a language called Harlowe. If I knew that earlier I would have used a different language. That will take more time than just adding a duplicate link on the side bar.

Wow that's a very long reply. Let's see if I can cover it all: DragonWrath said:. On a second note, I actually ended up liking it more than I had thought I would and was actually surprised to discover that the character you play as is actually female. The way she is written just had me thinking male and was both a slight "aww, that sucks" but also "oooh, how interesting" I believe I tried all the paths now unless you added the metal stands to the mother route last night.

Also, I picked Luna having the incest fetish, but when going the sensory deprivation route, she ends up with amy the petite fetish path instead of one of the twins. Actually, you did a far better job of it than I've ever seen in having a transexual being portrayed. I've noticed a pattern in where when people write transexuals, then tend to almost always be screwed rather than screwing or both. You did a mix and it was extremely well written and found myself enjoying it quite a bit even though it's one of the very few fetishes I'm indifferent to or dislike in the case of transexuals, I'm merely disinterested, I don't hate it but it doesn't really do anything for me either Tastefully done and adored it actually felt happy for them when they connected on a special level.

As for the tongue and finger stuff It was actually pretty hot and found myself rather aroused anyway.

Academy of fetishes

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Academy of Fetishes