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The latest Diablo IV Quarterly Update gives us a closer look at characters whilst hinting that the game is pretty far along development-wise. Nudes on the internet. The Project and a bunch of other programs had features on 'a website' 4chan? Personally I think the internet is a wild place.

Whether that is s, bank information, text messages, facebook posts or private messages — it all has the possibility of mass distribution. The only nudes I would send of myself, or my SO would be polaroids as I wouldn't want to put anyone I loved in the position of potential embarrassment. What is your opinion? The Nerfatar. Sure proper education would help "hey ladies, don't take nudes walk down dark alleys or dress like sluts ". Don't Rape! But i'd really like it if men stopped being such sexual deviants.

Don't forget that some people are much younger than we are. I watched the report on "revenge porn" where they were talking about the evil "4chan site" and according to the reporter the "4chan" site has been shutdown. But you've got to be incredibly naive to believe stuff like this won't end up where you don't want it. I don't think they were talking about 4chan then. There was a "revenge porn" site that was taken down and the owner got massive fines or jail time, or both, can't remember.

I saw the story on reddit a few months back. Spoiler: try and reduce the chance of it happening at all. Either that or you're trivialising the trauma of violent nonconsensual sexual encounters. Some Fat Bastard. I send nude selfies to my workmates and family all the time. Yes, but which one of them keeps posting them on the revenge porn websites? How many times do we have to tell you - noone believes you are Jennifer Lawrence.

That's beside the point, rape and revenge porn occurs far more frequently to women than it does to men, so siding with one sex for the sake of point is rational discussion. But all my points apply to men in the same situation. Internet is still new tech and the common sense of it all hasn't washed its self over the masses yet. So yes, naturally as people become more aware of the consequence of poor choices the less likely it's going to occur. At the same time if someone wants to have an intimate moment online and share nudes with a sexual partner doesn't mean that the recipient has any right to redistribute those images.

You missed my point. Firstly, its not sharing nudes, its revenge porn, its the mass spreading of naked images with out the consent of the individual in the image. You really need to adjust your thought process on what this is. It's not flashing a candid snap of a lover to friends, its posting an image of someone else online for complete and utter strange to also save and redistribute.

Often at times with out even the victim being aware. It's not hard to see some similarities between rape and revenge porn Nudes on the Internet are great. The Fappening renewed my faith in God. Seems like a trust issue. What would sluts know about trust. The internet is the last frontier, wild west and antarctic all rolled into one.

The depraved side of it is required if you want it to also be a place of creativity. The internet isn't good or bad, it just is and the sooner people realise it's not safe the better. Just my 2 cents. Yeah the internet is really dangerous. I think if a few more people expose themselves online, the world will end.

Think twice before taking off your clothes. Whenever I've posted or sent nude pictures of myself I've been banned or even once had the police show up. It's just feminism gone too far. This makes that little privacy lecture you tried to give all the more amusing. Everyone is entitled to privacy. Secure your passwords. And don't sync your phone to the cloud ffs. Invasion of privacy and victim blaming. Along with your rampant lolbertarianism and racism.

You're just the complete package! In a perfect world, you could give out the username and password for your online bank and no one would touch it. We don't live in a perfect world. People do have to consider their own safety and choices they make, Because someone else out there has made theirs. If you get what I mean. Things like that should not happen. But do. The party of reticence believes that the tender emotions of the inner world are brutalized and polluted when they are exposed to the glare of public exhibition. The party of exposure believe that anything secret is suspect and that life works better when everything is brought out into the open and discussed.

Perkins was definitely a member of the party of reticence. She stood with those who believe that everything that is complex, nuanced, contradictory, paradoxical, and mysterious about private sensations is reduced to banality when it is paraded about and summarized in pat phrases. Damage is done when people bring intimate things before mere acquaintances or total strangers. Precious emotions are lifted out of the context of trust and intimacy and trampled. Therefore people should keep what is private, private.

I can't wait for revenge pron - fpot edition on ausgamers. So brool you've got a new hero to worship in this Dylann Roof don't you? That must make you happy. It's funny watching you flounder around when you're caught out being dumb. Imagine that you'd try and portray yourself as some paragon of privacy, then out yourself by admitting you masturbate to leaked photos of naked women. You even equated it to being an almost religious experience. Of course it is a silly thing to private pictures to a cloud service.

It's a vile and sickening thing to rationalise your actions due to that silliness though. It's a good thing you had your daddy's office to parachute into isn't it? I'm against any leak that doesn't have some sort of public interest component attached to it. By that I mean evidence of any wrongdoing, public safety issue etc etc. Its kind of ironic that people have no problem pirating other peoples Intellectual Property but then get upset when someone pirates theirs. Who is Dylann Roof? See, your bad lying is exposing you again. If you didn't know who he was you'd google his name.

Instead this pathetic babe in the woods routine. A new white supremacist for you to idolise! Good for you. Ok fpot, whatever you say. I'm not sure you've really thought that argument through, but hey, I'm all for the intellectual rights of vaginas. Frankly I think it's about time we all stopped beating around the bush and really started intellectual thrusting.

4chan perth nudes

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