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Breville Food Processor BFP-400

RM 639.00 (GST 0%)

Basic information:

Metal Shaft Attachments.

Sealed Drive.

Direct Drive Motor.

Coupon Available: No
Warranty: 1 year

    • Food Processor 800W BFP400
    • Features:
    • Metal Shaft Attachments :
      The disc shafts are made from reinforced stainless steel so that the attachments stay steady during use. More precise cutting angles, and copes better with heavy loads.
    • Sealed Drive :
      The processing attachments connect to the base of the bowl through a watertight seal. No leaks while pouring, and the liquid capacity is increased by up to 25%.
    • Direct Drive Motor :
      The bowl sits directly on top of the motor for ultimate power and balance.




  • Sealed Drive : True


  • Dry Capacity : 2 litre


  • Liquid Capacity : 2 litre


  • Speed Settings : Low, high and pulse


  • Blade System : Stainless steel processing blades


  • Motor Type : Direct drive


  • Concealed Drive : Included (increased processing capacity)


  • Processor Functions " chop, slice, shred, knead, whisk, chip


  • Blade Storage : In-bowl blade storage


  • Attachments : Processing blade, Whisk, dough blade, and disc attachments for slicing, shredding and chipping


  • Cleaning : Hand Wash


  • Safety Features : Safety locking system, non-slip feet


  • Construction : Plastic housing, plastic bowl, stainless steel blades


  • Voltage : 220 - 240 Volts


  • Wattage : 800 Watts

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