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Philips Coffee Maker with Grinder HD7762

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Basic information:

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Warranty: 2 years warranty by Philips Malaysia

This very compact Philips Coffee Maker with Grinder HD7762 comes with a modern design and a unique brewing control knob to easily set your preferences for great tasting coffee. 

Great taste and aroma 
• Fresh bean container with two compartments. 
• Bean selector to select one type of beans or a mix of both. 
• Integrated grinder for freshly ground coffee. 

Designed around you 
• Strength select for adjusting the intensity of your coffee. 
• Grind selector knob for your favorite taste. 
• Grind-off function for using regular ground coffee. 
• Intuitive user interface with brewing knob and LCD display. 

Easy to experience 
• Drip stop to interrupt coffee brewing whenever you like. 
• Auto shut-off after 30 mins, adjustable up to 2 hours. 
• Detachable filter holder. 
• Water level indication. 


Bean selector
With the bean selector you can choose between two types of coffee beans, or create your own blend, by mixing them together.

Grind Selector
The grind selector knob allows you to choose between 3 grind options to tailor the freshly ground coffee to your personal filter coffee preference. Select a fine grind for a stronger coffee taste or coarse grind for a lighter, smooth filter coffee.

Strength select
The strength select of the Philips Grind & Brew coffeemaker lets you adjust the intensity of your coffee. Select from mild, medium or strong filter coffee.

Intuitive user interface
The user interface of the coffee machine is equipped with an LCD display and a unique brewing control knob, allowing you to intuitively select your coffee preferences (number of cups, strength, timer, grind-off).

Automatic switch off
You can adjust the time after which the appliance automatically switches off. The default time is set to 30 minutes. You can adjust this time to a maximum of 120 minutes.

The timer enables you to program the time at which you want the brewing process to start. Make sure all steps of brewing coffee are taken with either pre-ground coffee or coffee beans before setting the timer.

Drip stop function
The drip stop function enables you to remove the jug from the coffeemaker before the brewing process is finished. When you remove the jug, the drip stop stops the flow of coffee into the jug.

Dishwasher-safe parts
All parts of this Philips Coffee Maker with Grinder HD7762 are dishwasher-safe for easy and convenient cleaning. 


8-12 cups / 1.2 Liter


Specifications of Philips Coffee Maker with Grinder HD7762

•Coffee drinks: Drip filter coffee
•Compatible coffee serving: Whole coffee beans, ground coffee powder
•Customising per drink: Adjustable coffee strength
•Ease of cleaning & maintenance: Dishwasher-safe parts, Removable filter holder
•Ease of use and comfort: 2 bean containers, Automatic shut-off, Display, Drip stop, Water level indication
•Grinder settings: 3 settings
•Special functions: Ceramic grinder
•Type of display: LCD 

Technical specifications
•Power consumption brewing: 1000 W
•Brewing time for a jug: 10 min
•Capacity water tank: 8 - 12 cups
•Capacity water tank: 1.2 Liter
•Coffee temperature: 80 - 85 degree
•Pump pressure: No pump
•Pump pressure: 0 bar
•Voltage: 230 V
•Frequency: 50 Hz
•Cord length: 0.85 m

•Material of main body: Stainless steel & plastic
•Material water tank: Plastic 
•Colour: Black, Silver

Weight and dimensions
•Dimensions of product (W x D x H): 21.20 x 27.70 x 44.00 cm
•Weight incl. packaging: 6.20 kg
•Weight of product: 4.60 kg 

•Included: Glass jug

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